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A Tuscan Experience in Lake County

Terrill Cellars

Tuscan Village and Terrill Cellars Winery Revival

On August 14, 2016, the Clayton fire ripped through Lower Lake destroying Lake County's Tuscan Village, Terrill Cellars winery and everything on the property. As many of you know the Tuscan Village was a beautiful community of culture, art, music, wine, food and events. It was only possible because of the wonderful support of locals and visitors such as yourself. For that we are eternally grateful. Lower Lake and the Village can grow back and prosper. That recovery is now happening with the planning and restoring of the Village itself.

The Plan - Rebuild the restaurant with a microbrewery included. Rebuild the Terrill Cellars winery and tasting room. Reestablish the orchard, concert and gathering area. Construct a new church / wedding chapel. Bring in some Tiny Houses for B & B and destination hideaways. Revitalize our amphitheater.

But we need your help, and we'd like your feedback. It would mean so much to us if you could fill out the form below and give us an idea of how we can, together, make this happen.

Phone Preferences:

What is your favorite memory of the Tuscan Village?
Assuming we rebuild, what events
would you enjoy attending?
Would you like to run a shop in the Village?
What type of shop would you want to run?
In what ways could you contribute to the rebuilding
effort? (eg. financial, construction, materials, etc)
Do you want to operate the
microbrewery / restaurant?
Do you want to make and provide
your own wine brand in the new winery?
Do you want to be involved
with the wedding venue?
Do you want to be part of our events?
Do you want to be a Village Club member?
Any other comments:
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